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Natural Divinity’s all-natural hair salon is licensed by the State Board of Tennessee since 2010. We specialize in Locs, Braiding, Twists, and Natural Hairstyles. We are best known for maintaining, grooming, and styling locs as well as sharing information with clients about natural hair. We take great pride in offering professionalism and excellent customer service, and have built a great reputation from working by appointment


1. Natural Divinity requires an in-person consultation.
2. A deposit of $25 is required to set a consultation appointment.
Contact number is 901-779-2848.
3. The $25 Consultation deposit does go to the balance of scheduled services.
4. A consultation is mandatory for first-time clients and color services before an appointment is set.


  1.  Prices vary from style to style.
  2.  Children’s styles are not prorated.
  3.  A non-refundable deposit is required for all services to secure the appointment.
  4.  Your deposit is transferable to another appointment time and date if rescheduled 3 days in advance of the set appointment date. (This can be honored ONLY once.)
  5.  Deposits are $25.00 and up.
  6.  Deposits are applied to the final bill.

Natural Divinity Basic Price List


Traditional Maintenance  $85 and up
Interloc Maintenance    $150 and up
Starter Double Strand    $100 and up
Starter Loc Coils    $100 and up
Starter Interlocs    $300 and up


Feed Ins/Stitch Braids $65 and up
Freestyle Feed Ins/Stitch Braids $100 and up
Feed Ins/Stitch Ponytail $85 and up
Lemonade Braids $85 and up
Knotless Braids $150 and up
Box Braids $150 and up
Soft Locs $265 and up
Butterfly Locs $150 and up
Double Strand Twist Ext $250 and up

Loose Hair

Straw Set/ Rod Set   $65 and up
Press/ Flat Iron   $55 and up
Trim  $20 and up
Comb Coils   $75 and up
Cornrows w/o Ext   $50 and up
Double Strands w/o Ext $100 and up
Combo Styles w/o Ext   $85 and up


· Natural Divinity asks for a 72 hour cancellation or rescheduling notice to maintain your deposit and to avoid a cancellation fee.
· In the event that you have to reschedule, your deposit will be transferred to your next appointment date. ( This is a one time occurrence)
· If an appointment is not cancelled in a timely fashion, your deposit will be forfeited. You will have to pay another deposit to secure another appointment.
· A no call/no show is considered a cancellation and requires a $50.00 cancellation fee at the start of your next visit.
· Constant rescheduling is not acceptable after numerous canceling.
· Appointments that are not honored within 15 minutes of your scheduled appointment time without notification of late arrival may require rescheduling.


· Natural Divinity accepts children as clients; however the child must be at least 5 years of age and have the maturity level to sit long enough to have their hair serviced.
· A parent or responsible adult must accompany children 10 and under through the duration of the appointment. Absolutely no drop-offs for children 10 and under.
· Payment for children’s services is accepted at the start of the service.
· If the child is unable to sit properly while having their hair done, your stylist will be forced to cancel the service and there is no refund of services.
· We kindly ask that you DO NOT bring children or guests with you while getting your hair serviced.
· The salon has a no children unless receiving services policy.
· In the event that you show up with children or guests for your appointment, your stylist will have to reschedule you and your refund will not be refunded.


We shampoo and condition the hair, so you do no have to shampoo prior to your appointment.If you require extensions or sew-ins to be removed please notify your stylist while making the appointment. This service requires more time for your appointment and therefore additional fees apply.Relaxed hair can be braided or weaved, as well as, hair in its natural state.  If it is relaxed there is no need for a relaxer re-touch prior to your visit.  If your hair is natural there is no need to straighten (press) the hair prior to your visit.We advise you to not schedule an appointment for extensions on the same day as important engagements. Be on time! This policy brochure is provided to all clients to ensure that there is a good and complete understanding of the expectations of clients and stylists.  In turn, it is the stylist’s responsibility and obligation to provide quality services in a relaxed and peaceful environment.  So you are asked to help continue this procedure through cooperation and support.  It is and will always be a pleasure and privilege to serve you, the client.
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